All-Purpose 41x69 Car Wash Microfiber Terry Towel

All-Purpose 41x69 Car Wash Microfiber Terry Towel

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Product of The Rag Company.

Note: Stocks are limited, out of stock items ordered will take 2-4 weeks to arrive in South Africa.

Product Specifications:

­Size: 16 x 27 Inches (41 cm x 69 cm)
Colour: Orange
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Material Weight: 320 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
Border / Edging: Overlock Stitching
Material: Terry Weave
Country of Origin: China


Pamper your paint & finish with the softest, most scratch-resistant microfiber towel product line available - don't pay more elsewhere for lower quality!

  • Product Details

    • Larger Size @ 16" x 27"­= Faster, More Effective Drying With A Single Thirsty Towel =­Less Labor Needed Per Car and Fewer Towels Used Each Day = Lower Overall Costs
    • More Durable Weight @ 320gsm vs Lower 300gsm Offered By Majority Of Our Competitors = Longer Commercial Use and ­Better Performance From Every Towel
    • Overlock Stitched Edge ­and Slightly Rounded Corners For A Continuous Single Border Edge Joint.­ Most Competitor Towels w/Joints At Each Corner = 4x­Risk of­ Border Failure
    • Extremely Competitive Pricing: We Challenge You to Find A Better Quality, Better Value Microfiber Towel ­Anywhere for Similar Size and ­Weight
    • Greater Return On Your Investment (ROI) Than Any ­Competitor's Microfiber Towels = Absolute Best Value in­ a Microfiber Towel for Price, Quality and Durability
    • The Largest Color Selection for All Your Color Coding Options.­­ Example: Blue for Windows and Mirrors; ­Yellow for Exterior Body­ and Paint; Midnight for Wheels, Tires and Door Jambs; Lime Green for Chrome; and Orange or Red ­for Interior Use
    • Excellent Value Choice for Home / Club / Auto / Marine / RV / Cycle
    • Premier­All-Purpose Lint-Free, Streak-free, Scratch-Free, Tag-Free­Terry Towel Choice Of Car Washes and Auto Dealerships­Everywhere­for Drying, Scrubbing, Wiping, Dusting, and Buffing
    • All Purpose: Use Damp for General Cleaning, Wet for Scrubbing Heavily Soiled Areas and Dry for Dusting
    • Also An Effective­ All-Around Premium Cleaning Towel with Thousands of Uses Around the House, Office, Car, or Wherever Dust and Dirt Need to be Eliminated

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