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Powerbrake designs and manufactures the very best brake upgrade kits on the market for 4x4 vehicles. Their civilian X-Line 4x4 big brake kits feature direct technology transfer from their R-Line off road race brake systems that have been used by works race teams to win multiple FIA Cross Country World Championships as well the infamous Dakar Rally, which is regarded by many to be the most gruelling motorsport event on the planet.

Powerbrake standard diameter disc and pad upgrade kits, as well as their big brake kits, have been used by leading race teams to win numerous national championships both in South Africa and in our export markets. Their brake upgrade kits for high performance street cars have been fitted by tens of thousands of street tuners and track day enthusiasts over the past 16 years and have earned an exceptional reputation for performance and durability.

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  • Powerbrake X-Line 4x4 Big Brake Upgrade Kit
  • Powerbrake RS Series Race Discs (Circuit)
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Pads
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Discs
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Calipers (Air-cooled)
  • Powerbrake D-Line Disc & Pad Kit (OEM Replacement)
  • Endless Brake Pads (High Performance / Race / Circuit)
  • Endless Brake Fluid (High Performance / Race / Circuit)