Collection: Brake Components

As fast as every vehicle can go, it is equally (if not more) important to be able to stop safely and with confidence..

G Shift has partnered up with two local brake specialists - Powerbrake and Vari Racing - who are able to offer aftermarket and performance braking solutions, both for standard road vehicles through to track vehicles.

Check out the available products and kits and Contact Us to get more information about a solution for your vehicle.

11 products
  • Endless Brake Fluid (High Performance / Race / Circuit)
  • Endless Brake Pads (High Performance / Race / Circuit)
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Pads
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Discs
  • Powerbrake R-Line 4x4 Race Calipers (Air-cooled)
  • Powerbrake X-Line 4x4 Big Brake Upgrade Kit
  • Powerbrake D-Line Disc & Pad Kit (OEM Replacement)
  • Vari Racing Full Brake Upgrade Kits