Collection: Accessories

In this section, G Shift will be sharing accessories and other equipment which will make things easier for the automotive enthusiast.

At the outset, G Shift is pleased to announce that the full catalogue of Moto-Quip and their sister brands are now available:

  • Moto-Quip: for automotive accessories and replacement parts,
  • Leisure-Quip: products and accessories tailored more towards lifestyle and the outdoors,
  • Travel-Quip: products and accessories tailored more towards travelling and being away from home,
  • Home-Quip: products and accessories tailored more towards use at home, or the office. 
Check out the full catalogue, or some of the more popular individual products listed separately.
47 products
  • Moto-Quip Multi-Function Headlight
  • Moto-Quip 3w COB Handheld Worklight
  • Moto-Quip 2-Ton Bottle Jack
  • Moto-Quip Black Plastic Valve Caps (10pcs)
  • Moto-Quip Trailer Lock (for Parked Trailers)
  • Moto-Quip SUV/XL Front Window Spring Shade (for Sun Protection)
  • Moto-Quip Blue Rubber Coated 4-way Wheel Spanner (17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm)
  • Moto-Quip Large Non-Kink Jiggler Siphon Pump