SteriScent Mini-Fogger

SteriScent Mini-Fogger

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5 IN 1:

  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicidal
  • Yeasticidal
  • Deodoriser
  • Anti-allergenic


SteriScent can be used as a fogger inside vehicles, to disinfect surfaces, and to purify the Airconditioner and Climate Control system in vehicles.



SteriScent as a high-level room disinfectant:

SteriScent effectively kills all micro organisms (broad spectrum Bacteria, Fungus, Mould, Mildew, Algae and Spores). It is non-toxic, non-staining, non-corrosive, non-discolouring.  It is SAFE to use.

The vast majority of airborne pathogens are uniquely adapted for spreading in indoor environments. The conditions of temperatures, humidity and protection from sunlight and from oxidants which man controls for his own comfort serve to protect pathogens during their exposed and vulnerable period when they transit from one person to the next.

Most airborne pathogens die out rapidly in outdoor air but as individual species they depend entirely on man and his indoor environments for their propagation.


SteriScent as a room freshener:

It is necessary to use SteriScent room freshener as it eliminates odours and thus makes the air more pleasant. Various fragrances are available in these room air fresheners to elevate our state of mind, creating a more pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

SteriScent (Containing SteriFog) is harmless to humans but deadly to microbes. SteriScent eliminates (REMOVES) organic and all inorganic odour problems, NOT MASK THEM, by killing the germs that cause the odours and encapsulating the molecules creating odours. SteriScent has been developed to create CLEAN AIR for the benefit of Asthma sufferers and removal of harmful irritants and toxins present in indoor atmospheres.