G Shift Beginner Plus Detailing and Auto Care Kit

G Shift Beginner Plus Detailing and Auto Care Kit

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The G Shift Beginner Plus Detailing and Auto Care Kit expands the product range from the entry-level kit, whilst still keeping things simple. Is the perfect choice if you’ve started out on the journey of properly cleaning and caring for your vehicle and are looking to try out more premium products for specific applications.

The kit consists of a selection of affordable, high-quality microfiber products, to cover all areas of cleaning and caring for your vehicle, both inside and out, from washing, cleaning and drying, through to application of polishes, waxes, treatments and other conditioning products to various parts of the vehicle.


  • G Shift High Density Wash Sponge
  • G Shift Medium Density Wash Sponge
  • G Shift 35x35 Detailing Microfiber Cloths (3 pcs)
  • Moto-Quip Shaggy Microfiber Wash Sponge
  • TRC 41x69 Car Wash Microfiber Terry Towel
  • TRC 41x61 Standard Microfiber Waffle Weave Towel
  • TRC 41x41 All-Purpose Microfiber Terry Towel
  • TRC 30x30 Premium Microfiber Terry Towel
  • TRC 41x41 Creature Edgeless Dual Pile Towel
  • TRC 41x41 Edgeless Miner Premium Metal Towel

    Refer to package insert for recommended product uses and care instructions.

    In association with The Rag Company (TRC)

    Packaged in South Africa

    Optional: If you haven't already, don't forget to add on the G Shift Wash, Rinse and Wheels Buckets, to ensure that you wash your vehicle using the correct technique and approach. Click Here for more information.

    G Shift (Pty) Ltd